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Get the scoop on our upcoming software and maybe even be the first to test them out and provide us with feedback!
Sunday, 21 July 2024

This page is to showcase our upcoming products, some may be available for testing while others maybe to early in development to recruit testers yet. Please do not contact us about becoming a tester for software that we do not provide information on how to be involved in the testing of the product.

Status: Beta 2
Beta Testers: Private Only

 SourceLib is a source code snippet library system to store all your common source code bits and pieces. Powered by our next generation syntax highlighter with support for virtually any language, powerful searching features and exporting to HTML/XHTML complete with Syntax highlighting are among the major points.

We are hoping to release this product in two different stages:
  • Personal Edition
    The personal edition is a single user system storing all the snippets locally on a Sqlite database.

  • Enterprise Edition
    The Enterprise edition will allow teams of developers in a corporate environment to deposit common code fragments and work collaboratively together. The enterprise edition can work locally, in a network environment or across remote servers seamlessly via the same client.

SourceLib is being written in .NET v2.0 and - at the time of writing - is still in Beta (Beta 2), therefore we are not accepting any testers or applications for testers from the general public until .NET 2.0 is RTM'd. If you are a registered tester for .NET 2.0 (Framework/Whidbey) then you may contact us if you are interested in finding out about testing opportunities.

  COMToolkit Professional
Status: Beta 2
Beta Testers: Full
COM - Component Object Model - was first launched in the 90s promoting reuse and refactoring of code for the Windows Platform. Now, its almost hard to think of programming in Windows without a COM Component being used, most of the GUI components and external function DLLs we see in applications today make use of COM in one form or antoher.

COMToolkit is being developed to make it easier to manage the multitudes of COM Components you may have on your system and allow developers to look into these components and interact with them outside an IDE easily.

  • Lists All COM Servers
  • COM Server Information
  • Dependency Viewer
  • Portable Executable Information
  • Object Browser
  • Script Editor
  • Repair/Clean Obsolete COM Servers
  • Register/UnRegister COM Servers
Managing COM Servers will never be easier!

Main GUI

NOTE: The information presented here is STRICTLY preliminary and is subject to change without notice. WebSoftware makes no garentee that the information above will be correct when and if the software above is released.

 Latest News
WebSoftware is happy to announce that HotHTML 3 FixPack 6 has arrived with support for Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. With this release, HotHTML 3 Professional is now completely freeware! Go download your copy today!

An update is available that includes several performance enhancements, no new bugfixes or changes are included but uses newer compilers and optimsations for newer CPUs.

WebSoftware has released FixPack 5 for HotHTML 3 Professional, includes lots of bugfixes and performance improvements.

WebSoftware has released FixPack 4 for HotHTML 3 Professional, this release is primarily a bugfix release and is recommended for all users.

WebSoftware has released FixPack 3 for HotHTML 3 Professional, with several new features such as one-click validating, indenting and auto-correcting of HTML/XHTML files and many new enhancements based on user-feedback. Click on the headline for more information!

WebSoftware has updated the hugely popular freeware version of HotHTML 2001 Professional to v1.0.10. Most of the updates include numerous performance tweaks and several bugfixes. Download a slimer, leaner and juiced up copy today!

WebSoftware is pleased to announce the FixPack 2 release of HotHTML 3 Professional. FixPack 2 includes numerous bugfixes, enhancements and feature-requests from users.

Welcome to the fourth version of the WebSoftware site. Sporting an all new look and feel - in an Office 2003 theme, breadcrumb navigation, new SupportCenter and our Knowledgebase and much more! To learn about the new features click on the headline!

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 Product Versions
HotHTML 3.0 Professional
v1.0.3389 (FixPack 6)

HotHTML 2001 Professional
v1.0.11b (Final)

 Developer SDK
HotHTML 3.0 Professional
v1.0.0 (Revision 8)

HotHTML 2001 Professional
v1.0.0 (Revision 2)

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