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About WebSoftware
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Learn about WebSoftware, its history, where we are today and where we are heading to in the future.
Monday, 20 May 2024

Background / History

WebSoftware is an Australian business founded in November 1998 by its current CEO and Senior Software Architect Thushan Fernando. In the early days WebSoftware was known originally as 'WebSoft'. Our site, provided resources for web developers as well as hosting our first edition of HotHTML to be released to the public. WebSoft soon matured over time as partnerships with other sites came into play it was renamed to 'The WebSoftware Network' or WSN. During this time HotHTML 2000 was in development and late 2000, HotHTML 2000 was released. Not long thereafter, HotHTML 2001 began development after which WSN became 'WebSoftware Systems'.

Mission Statement

WebSoftware's goal is to provide world class software for developers of all areas as well as users in managing their day to day tasks and their systems. HotHTML is a testimony to our progress in rapidly becoming a widely used platform of developing web and other platform solutions that wont limit the developer's imagination from becoming a reality because of the software.

Technology moves fast, new languages, platforms, environments, operating systems and technological advancements are born almost everyday, WebSoftware is there to witness its birth and grow with them and provide our users with the latest.

We will continue to develop cutting edge products that can adapt to the needs of today and tomorrow.

 Latest News
WebSoftware is happy to announce that HotHTML 3 FixPack 6 has arrived with support for Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. With this release, HotHTML 3 Professional is now completely freeware! Go download your copy today!

An update is available that includes several performance enhancements, no new bugfixes or changes are included but uses newer compilers and optimsations for newer CPUs.

WebSoftware has released FixPack 5 for HotHTML 3 Professional, includes lots of bugfixes and performance improvements.

WebSoftware has released FixPack 4 for HotHTML 3 Professional, this release is primarily a bugfix release and is recommended for all users.

WebSoftware has released FixPack 3 for HotHTML 3 Professional, with several new features such as one-click validating, indenting and auto-correcting of HTML/XHTML files and many new enhancements based on user-feedback. Click on the headline for more information!

WebSoftware has updated the hugely popular freeware version of HotHTML 2001 Professional to v1.0.10. Most of the updates include numerous performance tweaks and several bugfixes. Download a slimer, leaner and juiced up copy today!

WebSoftware is pleased to announce the FixPack 2 release of HotHTML 3 Professional. FixPack 2 includes numerous bugfixes, enhancements and feature-requests from users.

Welcome to the fourth version of the WebSoftware site. Sporting an all new look and feel - in an Office 2003 theme, breadcrumb navigation, new SupportCenter and our Knowledgebase and much more! To learn about the new features click on the headline!

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 Product Versions
HotHTML 3.0 Professional
v1.0.3389 (FixPack 6)

HotHTML 2001 Professional
v1.0.11b (Final)

 Developer SDK
HotHTML 3.0 Professional
v1.0.0 (Revision 8)

HotHTML 2001 Professional
v1.0.0 (Revision 2)

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